God Personally Planted

Two very different and very special trees in Eden.

Two choices for man;


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Killing Abel Book

Every person and everything has a beginning; beginnings are the only true context for existence.

The Bible’s, “In the Beginning . . . ” from Genesis 1:1 are the most profound three words ever spoken or penned. If any context is not traceable to the one and only beginning . . . it is a pretext.

The Killing of Abel, was the first murder and is part of the context for every decision that God has made since, perhaps even more than the fall of man.

“The Founding Fathers”

People talk about the Founding Fathers when referring to the foundation of the United States . . .
but why stop there? Those men all had a foundation, with Killing Abel you can get the original Founding Father’s Foundation from the Bible, just as they did.

Killing Abel is a timeless Biblical Thriller.

The story, the His Story . . . from Creation to the eight on the Ark
has never, will never cease to interest all, as Killing Abel
brings many a new adventure to light in the young earth.

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Many questions remain about the early days on earth . . . as God
only supplied us with two and one half words per year of His Story.
To the many unanswered questions, Killing Abel posits many plausible new answers.
Like . . .

After creating Heaven and Earth in just six days, why have Noah spend a century building a boat? Wasn’t there an easier way?

Why was the very first thing God had Adam do was to name the animals?

Did Adam really name all the animals?

Why did God take Enoch the Sethite directly to Heaven?

 . . .  Killing Abel doesn’t stop on earth it enters in the heavens . . . with 

Why is the far side of the moon not cratered as is the near side?

Where do comets come from?

Where do meteoroids come from?

Why are there 365.25 days in a year?

And then back to earth to discover  . . .

Where did oil, gas and coal come from?

Even to this day, why is coal so heavily regulated?

Why are there volcanoes?

Were there really giant men on earth in the past, Nephilim?

Why did a perfect women like Eve have to pray to have a son?

Is hypocrisy a sin?

Can you go straight to Hell?

Then . . .

Probably the most consequential decision ever made by any father. . .

Why did the God of the universe, after discovering that Cain had killed Abel . . .

then and there give Cain mercy?

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Killing Abel is a beautifully cloth bound traditionally printed on fine white paper hardcover book. Because of it’s timeless subject matter, Killing Abel will never be sold as a paper back or sold as a download.

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